After the recognition of sovereignty by the Netherlands (RTC) in 1949

By submission Engineers Troops Depot Bogor with all the facilities that exist, then the consolidation have been performed in preparation for reopening Engineers school.

Realization of Genie school reopening in time to adjust the handover Depot Genie troops from the Netherlands (KNIL) to the Army that took place on 15 April 1950. The next day that date is known as “Pusdikzi anniversary” based on the Army’s decision letter No: 263/KSAD/KPTS/1954 dated 27 September 1954, and place it in the name of Depot Pasukan Genie led by Major Suratin Purwowikarto.

Since Depot Genie troops stand so the wheel of education began to be carried on, first of all with the aim to improve the ability of personnel / forces that will fill in the formation Bn Bn Gi-Pi (Genie pionier battalions), and the second for general recognize the use of Genie equipment are received from the Dutch.

to strengthen the team of trainers, then accordance with the  RTC agreement, in this transitional period, Dutch sould sent the Military Mission Team (NMM), in place at the Depot Genie Troops led by Captain Flohr (as second in command captain Loonen).

The use of NMM is set by Army Chief of Staff Instruction No.56/Instr/KASAD/51 dated 19-4-1951. we have learned a lot from NMM mainly related to technical engineers.

In order to
moving the organization’s educational activities as needed, then on 10 to October 14, 1951 was decided in education that need
held are:
1). Private Education (Tamtama).
2). NCO Education.
3). OfficerEducation .
4). Officer replications Education .

The purpose of education is to fill in knowledge and abilities that should be owned by each particular class rank according to the desired level of qualification.

This is based on the fact, that the real extent of our knowledge at that time was still not adequate because since the outbreak of the Revolution until the time was still too little to have the opportunity to participate in education.

Wave after wave of troops studied in Depot Pasukan Genie began to fill in the sciences and engineering skills, especially for the NCOs and officers. to that extent curriculum in use is what is received as an inheritance from the Netherlands, with its original terms. This raises a lot of hardship for members who do not master the Dutch language.

Yet thanks to a strong coaching discipline and a sense of intelligence that is generally needed in realized by the members, each and every generation of education turned out to have been able to complete learning tasks successfully.


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