Pusat Pendidikan Genie AD (PPGIAD) from Year 1955 to 1958 (By letter’s Army Chief of Staff.No 129/KSAD/kpts/55 date 31-5-55)

As follow-up of Army Chief of Staff letter No.128/KSAD/kpts/55 decision dated 31-3-1955, on the same date letter No.129/KSAD/kpts/55 KSAD out decision, about the changes in the composition of all Genie educations (3 educations), become one center of education Indonesian Army Engineer (PPGIAD), which includes education for Officers,NCOs and Enlisted Engineers or Genie AD.

In addition to conducting exercises in accordance with its own task, DPG / PPGIAD participate actively forming new officers, especially the education base Pioneer Infantry / engineering techniques to students from  ATEKAD generation I and III, because the facilities at the Academy of Genie yet complete enough to support the operation of education.

The task of education that needs to be noted in 1955 is to educate 35 soldiers from the Ex “Pagar Ruyung” , in a step to move weaponry ( corps )to engineers, which lasted from July 1955 until July 1956, and provide education secaba Genie II, started 8-1 – 1955 untill 16-4-1955 a number of 32 persons.

at the beginning of 1956 with the turn of the head of Directorate Genie from Major R. Soetejo to Colonel GPH Djati Koesoemo, PPGIAD development becomes increasingly apparent. how important this PPGIAD role in order to develop corps, implied in a speech Genie Director (Colonel Djati Koesoemo) at the time of first inspection to PPGI AD, states that “to know the overall quality of its Genie Corps do not need to bother reviewing the area-area, but just enough rate of this PPGIAD  “.

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (PPZI-AD) between 1958 to  1959.

Education was held, among others SECAPAZI II, some 45 people, from 27-11-1958 till 5-9-1959.

Resimen Induk Zeni (RINZI) between 1960 to  1963 (Letter from Kasad No : sp-1673/10/1959 date 24-10-1959.

Based on this determination, the education agency to Zeni which is under the Command of education and training (koplat) is called Resimen Induk Zeni (RINZI).

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (PUSDIKZI/KOPLAT), between 1963 to 1970.

By changing the task organization of RINZI be back to pusdikzi, then pusdikzi was under command of the training center ( KOPLAT ).

At this time also started beyond the Engineer technical education in Pusdikzi such as education for Military Instructor (gumil). Kupan Gumil Zeni I which opened on 1-5-1969, Kupan Gumil II (9/7/69 until 25/9/69), Gumil Susbangumil Bags and Ba (1970).

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (PUSDIKZI/PUSZI), between 1970 to 1978 (No.kep/731/12/1970 dated 18-12-1970 about pengesahan organisasi dan tugas PUSZIAD.

With this task organization changes mean pusdikzi under the central organization Zeni.

At this time in addition to conducting education Technical Engineers,

also held Education Intelligence such as Suspa Intel, Mospa Intelpur, Ba Intelpur, Mosba Intelpur, Mosba Intelpam, Susbasutpam, susjurba intelpur, Intel Terr, etc. start of 1971 until the year 1979/80 (PusdikIntel Ciomas’s Building began to be used for education),

whereas gumil Education held only until the year 1971 namely Suspan Gumil Pa Hankam, Suspan Gumil Suspan Gumil Pa and Ba

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (pusdikzi/kobang Diklat TNI AD), between 1978 to 1985 (Skep kasad No: kep-132/3/1971 dated 13-3-1971 about organisasi dan pusat pendidikan Zeni)

With this task organization changes pusdikzi back then under the command of Komando pengembangan pendidika dan latihan TNI AD (kobang Diklat TNI AD)

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (Pusdikzi/Didziad) between 1986 to 2003 (Skep KASAD Nomor : kep/82/XI/1985 dated 27-11-85 about orgas pusdikzi.

With this task organization changes, the organization pusdikzi back under the Directorate of Army Engineers (DITZIAD).

Pusat Pendidikan Zeni (Pusdikzi Kodiklat TNI AD) between 2003 untill now (Skep KASAD Nomor : kep/ 17 /IV/2003 dated April 2003 about Perubahan Pusdikzi dibawah Kodiklat TNI AD

By changing the task organization pusdikzi organizations back under the Kodiklat TNI AD (Army Tradoc) accepted until now.


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