The Efforts to provide education for Army Engineers  started in 1945 with trying to open a School of Genie in Batujajar on November 2nd, 1945 founded by Achdiyat Soeparmadi, assisted by ex KNIL sergeants as trainers allow Captain Adam to form Pioneer Battalion Genie by the trainers and students as its core.

This education is very short due to circumstances and conditions is not possible because the resistance of the 8th Regiment,  Div I / Siliwangi lead by Major BP Oman Abdurahman who received one Genie Company lead by  Kromo Sentono  of the newly formed Genie Battalion, on the arrival of British and NICA towards Bandung with the aim of repatriating Japanese prisoners of war.

After the fall of Ciatul , Tegalega and Batujajar got such a vigorous Arteleri attack in mid-January 1946, 8th Regiment was forced to move where, Genie troops left Batujajar and follow 8th Regiment movement from Citapen-Cimaung to Ciparay.

Syahrir Cabinet rely on diplomacy approved the allied demands, although the Warriors do not trust them anymore, but because of obedience to orders from superiors, Bandung had to be abandoned, but before resigning Forces held a general attack on March 24, 1946, beginning promptly at 22:00 .

Engineer is not much activity other than holding prominent destruction in the city of Bandung on buildings and obstacles, the rest more as infantry duty, according to the desired state of that time


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