As the trainers did not despair, the noble ideals they continue on the other place that can give the possibility of more freely. And on February 23, 1946 Genie Cadre Schools were opened back in Solo, Central Java.

Genie Cadre School in Kleco / Ngendro Solo educate 100 students consisted of 10 Officers, 32 NCOs and 58 Enlisted.

DUTCH  FORCES LANDING (20/21 July 1947)

Agresi Milter Belanda I (21 Juli 1947)

The Dutch launched a general attack in the first Dutch military aggression (Code Name: Operatie Pruduct: 21 July-5 August 1947) on Sumatra and Java

with the main landing at Pasir Putih of East Java.

West Java sector conducted from Cirebon and Jakarta to Bandung.

They can move fast because the Road and Bridge is still intact, it is because at the time British troops have not withdrawn from Indonesia, the streets were used to transport prisoners of Japan on the basis of approval from the Indonesian Government and the British.

With the Dutch attack. Warriors troops pressed in pockets, but the Dutch effort to destroy us without success. Siliwangi Division Headquarters moved to Tasikmalaya including Wehrkreise which is under the command of Colonel Hidayat. Dutch in an attempt to seize Sukabumi, Suryakencana Brigade pushed back, but still managed to engineer units conducting a scorched earth

in subsequent consolidation we use smaller units to counterattack with the attack and dodge tactics (hit and run).

engineer troops in the infantry company, or a independent from these pockets with the help of the people blocking every road, either by destroying the bridge nearby,

create hurdles tankval or by cutting down large trees.

every time an obstacle is in the clear by the enemy in their efforts to reach out and attack our positions, each time also engineers can quickly close it again

The next step is to conduct sabotage and ambush, which generally worked well. In the month of August 1947 Genie troops managed to blow up Cimanuk bridges in Garut

but paid by death of brother Okan

Toward a ceasefire regarding the approval of Renville, 3 members of Genie S. Mantan, Dahlan and Suratmin who served in bungbulang / Garut were arrested in Kebon Waru.

On orders Siliwangi Division as the realization of the Renville agreement, all troops who are in the pockets to retreat into the Van Mook line, in this case the line connecting Tegal with Gombong.

Genie troops led by Captain Adam and Lieutenant Saring go directly to Solo by train. Genie troops in Cepu in the next drag to Solo become one by the other Genie troops then in place in the factory Sisai, Kawanami and were boarded in Klico Purwosari. in February 1948 Captain Adam resigned as commander of Battalion and replaced by Captain Joseph Sumodihardjo. First Lieutenant Sofrandy as his deputy, as a result of a prisoner exchange agreement of Indonesia and the Dutch Army,  S. Manta, Dahlan and Suratmin back into our midst.

Widening war by Dutch after Dutch launched the second Dutch Military Aggression  (Codename: Operatie Kraai or Operation Crow 12/19/1948) that begins by attack on Yogyakarta, the capital of Indonesia at the time, and eventually Solo became the basis for Dutch forces. closes the possibility to continue our efforts in the field of education, so they have stopped.

agresi belanda II

Under the Lightning command of Commander  Sudirman no 1 Date December 19, 1948 at 8:00 AM all troops back to  the guerrillas pockets.



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